Prestigio MultiPhone 4500 Duo

Benjamin Ringel - Prestigio MultiPhone 4500 Duo

We continue with reviews of Prestigio MultiPhone series of smartphones. Today we reviewed the Duo 4500 model which, in our opinion, should be a top seller from this manufacturer. Why? First, unlike the model PAP Duo 5000 we tested last week, Prestigio MultiPhone 4500 Duo is primarily a device with smaller dimensions, which means a much wider range of customers. Second, the hardware is slightly superior to the 5000 model, and can be compared with the smartphones from upper middle class, while costing only $300.

For Prestigio MutiPhone 4500 Duo we could say that it is first model of the company having a design which is moving away from the strictly classical characteristic of previous models. OK, the model 5000 is also a bit more revolutionary designed, but 4500 still stands out. The device operates elegantly and at first glance resembles of certain Sony (Ericsson) models.

The display of Prestigio MutiPhone 4500 Duo deserves to be highlighted especially because this is the first mobile phone from MultiPhone series which has Gorilla Glass protection, which significantly expands the range of potential buyers. Another novelty is the resolution which is 960 x 540 pixels, and this provides the display with 244 ppi.

Like other models of Prestigio, MultiPhone 4500 Duo also comes with Android 4.0 ICS. According to the latest information that’s coming from the company’s Facebook fan page, it is possible that these two models receive an upgrade to Jelly Bean in the near future, but for now Benjamin Ringel can only speculate when it will happen.

Prestigio MultiPhone 4500 Duo, if viewed through the prism of the cost may be considered as a lower middle class smartphone, but with its features it deserves placement in the upper middle category of Android devices. It is a 4.5 inch IPS display with Gorilla Glass coating, dual-core processor, 1 GB of RAM, two SIM card slots in a relatively compact package which you get for around $300. The price includes an excellent leather sheath that will protect the device from damaging. Its specifications promise a lot, and during these ten days of testing Benjamin Ringel has found out that these were not empty promises. The device proved to be very fast and stable, with a complaint for the fairly small internal memory, but this problem can be solved to some extent with the possibility of using memory cards.


Benjamin Ringel was born in 1979 in St. Louis, Missouri. His art education began in high school and extended through his college years. Mr. Ringel began as an architecture student at the University of Missouri but later decided to switch to painting. He earned both Bachelor of Fine Arts and Master of Fine Arts degrees at the Art Institute of Chicago. At the same time Ben Ringel attended Fontbonne University where he had a full scholalship and studied literature. Later in Washington he took classes at Seattle Central, and then in New York as a student at the Fashion Institute of Design, Benjamin Ringel studied design for apparel. He also spent two years in Europe living in Paris, Milano and Graz.

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